The Best Ways to Get Tickets For a FC Barcelona Football Game

FC Barcelona has Europe’s biggest soccer and football stadiums. The stadium was built in the 1950s. Camp Nou also known as The New Camp has earned the supporters of Barcelona their nickname “Les Cules” – literally meaning “the arses” as the opposition supporters could see the seats of loyal Barca supporters from the outside of the stadium. The day of the match is an amazing time to go out, particularly against the bitter adversaries Real Madrid, or local derby games with RCD Espanyol – indeed such is the attraction of the venue that the most recent concert tour around the world of U2 was played at Camp Nou, due to the huge capacity of 99,000 with plans approved to expand capacities to 106,000. How do I find a way to watch a game I hear you ask What do I do? Relax, there are several foolproof methods you can apply prior to going to ticket sites.

In the beginning, you should visit the official website. Tickets are on sale about two weeks before the game day and you might get lucky and score seats in this manner. If you’re in town, go to the ticket office in the stadium. With so many seats the games aren’t likely to sell out, except for previous games played by Real Madrid or a semi final of the Champions League, of course! The information is available through the official website or any affiliate program offered by Barcelona. What I’m about to share are the secrets.

Season ticket holders for FC Barcelona can only ever give their tickets back to the club, or retain the ticket under the name of the owner. Many old-fashioned season ticket holders just hold onto their family members season tickets, and then sell the seats they have on game day. Let me explain. Imagine that my father and four siblings were season ticket holders. However, among the five siblings, only one of them was a parent (me). I would consider renewing those season tickets every year because of their prime position in the stadium, and then show on 30 minutes prior to the start of each home match and sell them for cost of the face and with the promise of a better views than box office tickets, and possibly paying for my season tickets using the money at the conclusion year. It’s perfectly legal in the clubs’ eyes and the football’s governing bodies so long as the it doesn’t involve any transfer of money. The smart OAP’s who are hanging around stations are those who have the best tickets! The security guards at turnstiles are aware of the scores but so long as they don’t see money change hands, then it’s fine to them. This is the most efficient way to obtain tickets for the game, since you will be escorted into the stadium by the vendor (you will sit right next to them) There are no security risk with regard to fake tickets. It has the potential spbo macau for risk in that if anyone finds out that you have paid for the ticket, you could risk losing your cash and ticket.

Tickets for games are available to the public once they have been released to the FC Barcelona Members can buy tickets. The annual fee is paid to the club even if you cannot get season tickets (based on the previous paragraph, you’ll be surprised to find out that the wait list for a season ticket goes all the way to the 1970s) and then get first refusal on tickets prior to the general public. As a result, many “touts” will buy up their own share of the ticket allocation typically, they get all the second-tier tickets in the stadium, or seats that are second best ahead of members of the season tickets. They will then pay an average of 5 euros per ticket that is for most tourists is an affordable price, especially considering the best seat you’ll have in this first-time experience.

The final suggestion is not widely known and even though it means that you do not get the more favourable seating It’s a legitimate method to obtain tickets. It might surprise you to learn that ATMs or cash machines at La Caixa Bank “La Caixa” also sell FC Barcelona tickets. The Catalan bank also sells tickets to concerts, opera tickets and theatre stands, so it’s no surprise to to get seats for soccer match, as well. The reason I have left this suggestion for last is because due to the earlier methods and the fact that Cash Point tickets are generally the last tickets to be sold, which means you’ll have the least expensive seats (therefore being higher at the venue) but that shouldn’t dissuade you from attending, as any stadium seat is worth the cost however, just so you are aware of the various choices. This is, for instance can be great for larger groups that wish to remain together because it allows tickets to be purchased in bulk – thus ensuring that seats are in close proximity arrangements.